Justice may be framed in many ways—in terms of freedom, equity, opportunity, protection, or collective responsibility—but to effect real resolution, justice must recognize our collective humanity. Kaia uses a working definition of justice that requires us to value each other as kin with inherent dignity and commit to nonviolent conflict resolution. With concrete strategies based on integrity of self and other, Kaia supports individuals and organizations to transform current practices, thereby improving mindfulness, community, and productivity. As a consultant, she has fostered partnerships between activists and law enforcement agencies, faith leaders and community-based organizations, victims’ rights advocates and the US Department of Justice.



Below is a partial list of the many organizations Kaia has presented to or consulted with to help inspire justice with integrity.

The White House

on criminal justice reform

Kings County District Attorney’s Office

on student engagement

Cambridge Friends School

on dignity dialogues

Virginia Department of Corrections

on culture change

The Riverside Church

on interfaith alliances

Harvard Law School

on race and justice

Concord Prison Outreach

on program development

Vera Institute of Justice

on community policing

Federal Bureau of Investigation

on public safety

Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem

on conflict resolution

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

on family advocacy

The Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy

on social justice philanthropy

University of Gothenberg

on law and punishment

Harvard Divinity School

on racial justice and healing

Massachusetts Department of Correction

on prison education

#Cut50 (sponsored by the ACLU and Koch Brothers)

on justice and health

Truth Commission on Conscience in War

on moral integrity